From Mug to Mike; A Stage for Bathroom Singers

The First Show : From Mug to Mike
The first show of ‘From Mug to Mike’ will happen on August 18th, Sunday, at the Yavanika auditorium(near RBI, Nrupathunga Road). This is the Bathroom Singers’ Biggest Revolution ever!!! 
The program starts at 4:00 PM and entry is free.
Legendary music director Rajan (Rajan-Nagendra duo), PS Kumar(renowned artist and Kannada Rajyotsava award winner), and Ananth Rajan (music director, arranger and assistant to Rajan-Nagendra) will be the chief guests at this show.
The chief guests will be felicitated, and the main program will start after that, where advanced ‘From Mug to Mike’ workshop participants will perform Indian film songs along with karaokes.
Workshop evolution
The journey for these people started with the primer workshop, where they came out of their bathrooms and straight into the recording studio.
They recorded for the first time ever in a high end studio, and also discovered secrets of professional singing. They were given a detailed analysis of their singing, their strengths and improvement areas.
After this, they attended the advanced workshop, where Sunil Koshy gave them vocal exercises to work on their improvement areas and take them to the next level, and follow up sessions. Now they are prepared to perform popular Indian film songs to a public audience.
Cutting across age, background and geographies
Singers from Pune, Chennai, Trivandrum and other places in Karnataka including Mysore, Shimoga, Hubli, Belgaum, and other cities have been attending the workshops, and people of ages ranging from 6 to 76.
Eminent personalities from music and art also attend the workshops, and address the participants, and encourage them.
With the increasing popularity of the workshop, Sunil Koshy is ready to conduct similar workshops in different cities in India. 
‘Interested people have also been contacting us from abroad, London, Germany, US, Dubai and other countries, and we are certain to cater to bathroom singers globally, soon!’ adds Sunil Koshy.
‘From Mug to Mike’ is the biggest revolution of bathroom singers, where bathroom singers decided that they will no longer remain just bathroom singers, and are now gearing up for a stage show!
Some of our performers for the show, who are from different backgrounds and professions, and age groups, are mentioned below:
Dilip Badami
A 64 year old businessman, who is now back to India after a 25 year stint in Nigeria, is a very passionate singer with an amazing baritone voice that was waiting for a platform to express his singing to the world. He is also picking up singing tips and culturing his voice over the last few months.
A project manager in IBM, Aurobindo has been singing at different stages in office and elsewhere. He is also an Antakshari champion from college days.
This workshop is a dream come true, says Aurobindo, and cannot get a bigger platform than this. Sunil Koshy’s coaching has cleared cobwebs in his mind about singing, and help him gain confidence.
Zeena Crasta 
Has a degree in fashion management and is a content writer by profession, Zeena has been fond of singing since her school days. However, due to lack of encouragement she could not learn singing. 
She came to Bangalore against her parent’s wishes just to learn singing for a year, but was disappointed when she did not find the right place, and her hopes were dashed.
Finally through a friend, she came to know about Mug to Mike and without a second thought decided that this is the platform to give way to her hidden passion. Says an exuberant Zeena, ‘Mug to Mike has helped me gain back my confidence which I had lost long back. Singing in a studio has been a dream which I never thought I would be able to fulfill ever. All thanks to Sunil Sir and Archana Ma’am for the opportunity. It is a one-of-a-kind concept that has brought smile to so many faces of all age groups and has given hope to many aspiring singers. Sunil Sir with his rich experience and talent is a constant inspiration for each one of us. He brings out the singer in everyone!’
A young techie, who works for Amazon, Vishwajith is a very passionate singer. He has never been trained, and is using this platform to learn nuances of singing, and is all geared up for his first stage show.
Dr. Punitha
A dentist by profession, Dr Punitha has been trained in Carnatic classical music for over 20 years, starting to learn from her mother. 
She had given Carnatic concerts with her mother in various temples and performed in various university level shows.
‘From Mug to Mike’ is the best thing to happen to me, says Dr, Punitha, as this enthusiastic singer is mastering the nuances of singing, and also having fun all the way meeting so many other passionate singers!
A General Manager HR for a Fortune500 company, Sriganesh has been very passionate about singing since his childhood. Corporate work made his singing take a backseat. Not having sung for the last 12 years, ‘From Mug to Mike’ has given him a ray of hope and he is honing his singing skills and gearing up for the show! 
Cherish, another young techie, has already been singing since few years, but is exploring nuances of professional singing, and is all geared up to perform at the event.
A central government employee and A division sportsman in 3 different games, is also a very enthusiastic singer. He has started learning and discovering tricks of singing through this workshop, and is eager to perform at the upcoming show!