From Mug to Mike – Music Fest 2015



From Mug to Mike Fest 2015

From Mug to Mike is on a musical trek around Karnataka to discover latent talent. We will be covering 5 cities – Belagavi, Mysuru, Mangaluru, Hubbali and Bengaluru.

Dates for 1st Round Auditions in different cities:

May 14, 15 – Belagavi

May 20, 21 – Mysuru

May 30, 31 – Mangaluru

June 6, 7 – Hubbali

June 13, 14 – Bengaluru

June 18, 19 & 20 – Finals in Bengaluru

June 21 – Grand Finale & World Music Day Celebrations


The different audition categories will be Singing(filmi & non-filmi), Instrumental(percussion & non-percussion), Lyrics, and Band.

Thewhole event is conceptualized to tap talent from different parts of rural Karnataka, and give them a stage in Bengaluru. There is lot of latent talent, especially in the smaller cities and rural areas.

They may have inborn talent, which remains raw, and never sees a big stage or further refinement in the form of right training or exposure to the mainstream music industry. This is an attempt to handpick talents – both trained and untrained, give them an opportunity to compete in the finals in Bengaluru, and perform on the Grand Finale. Thus, we will see performers from different cities and in different genres and categories. Winners will get to perform on the Grand Finale on June 21st, 2015, and will also win free From Mug to Mike workshops and further opportunities. The Grand Finale will have celebrities from film, music and media industries and public as audience.

Interested participants can contact 9845286308 or mail to

This event is organized by Leap Media and Entertainment, Bengaluru, and conceptualized by From Mug to Mike.

From Mug to Mike has carved a niche in the field of music over the last two years, since its creation by Sunil Koshy, techie turned singer and vocal trainer. From Mug to Mike became the first platform to tap bathroom singers’ talent and has conducted over 100 workshops in Bengaluru, Chennai, Trivandrum and Kochi. Over 2500 people from the age of 4 to over 80 have attended these workshops and recorded in a high end recording studio for the first time. They have been groomed, and got to perform at many public stage shows.

Last year From Mug to Mike Fest-2014 happened on June 21, 2014 in Metro Rangasthala on MG Road in Bangalore.

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