Take on Tippu

Courtesy – Dr. Manish Mokhagundam, (Taken from his FB page)

A small take on Tippu History – For me Tippu Sultan was an expansionist king who fought wars to increase his kingdom. He torched and tortured the vanquished, like all despots who want conquer. He is no different than any other medieval king and certainly didn’t fight the British as a Indian nationalist. He took sides of the French in a spillover of European colonialism. He probably changed into a stringent Muslim ruler after his defeat at Kerala and definably a non-peace loving one. To make him the Messiah of the Muslims or the wrong portrayal as a freedom fighter just because he was a British hater is completely unacceptable. Specially because Srirangapattana might have as easily become a colony of the French or Portugal Becker of him. PS: WHEN ALL JAYANTIS ARE CELEBRATED BY KANNADA AND CULTURE DEPT. OF GOVT. OF KARNATAKA, WHY IS THIS ONE BEING ORGANIZED AND FUNDED BY THE MINISTRY OF MINORITY AFFAIRS???