Spouses cause more stress than bosses

Courtesy - ToI

London: If you think your boss is the biggest cause of stress, you may be wrong, for a new study has claimed that spouses cause more anxiety at home than superiors in office.
According to the study, based on a survey of 3,000 people in Britain, there may be no place like home, but if one wants to relax then one might be better off at work.
The poll also found that husbands are more likely to send their wives’ blood pressure soaring than the other way round. Overall, 58% of the respondents said that their spouse or partner was among those who put them under pressure. Just 43% said the same of their manager. And 18% of women said their partner added a lot of stress to their life — compared with just 12% of men, the Daily Mail reported.
The poll, by electronics and healthcare manufacturer Philips, also found that women worry more about their weight than their earnings. Almost half said their weight was very important to their health and wellbeing, compared to 27% who said the same about their salary. Women were also twice as likely to worry about the effect of obesity on their future health than the impact of high cholesterol or even cancer. Just 36% of men thought their weight was very important to their health and wellbeing while 33% said it had more to do with wages. Three-quarters of women said they spent time with their family and friends to improve their wellbeing compared to 59% of men.
Half of those polled believed they’ll outlive average life expectancy of 79. PTI